I will write a poem for you tonight
Close your eyes and let your head rest
Lay close to me and listen to my tale
Do you feel the breezes shove our hair?
The Fireplace refuses to loose out on the tale
There’s only one explanation of this
A light rain will help strike a beat for me
Let me pull your hair softly
While you hear my poetic songs
And as the curtains shiver
With the touch of the Airs
And the awesome Crickets
Which hide in all the cracks of the house
A tap-pattering outside the cold night
Some Frog choir behind the fencing
My croaky poetic voice singing away
And the smiling Fireplaces warmth
Let me sing you a lullaby


Poetry in the morning

While we wait for the warmth from the sun
And let our minds roam and run
Now the Winds still blows
Looking for his bride to woo
The clouds are still sleepy
And a Bumblebee buzzed pass, happy
Scents from trees tops
Descend upon the little mushrooms
And all is happy on the sight
There was a storm last night
But we all, man, faun, flora and fairy
Lived to say