A Muse

Paint me in your words
It’s time I lay my bones
But a night is incomplete
Without a pen and poem
Paint me in your minds eyes
Let the wishes of all sweet dreams
Come lay on our bosom
For the Day has gone to sleep
Taking his lights with him
And if I become of any worth to you
Pull my long Elfy ears softly
Let me be in a warm comfort
And when the morning shall come
I shall see you smile
And words will be softer


A Tale of the Wildwoods 2

There’s a land behind those hills
Covered in the forest
A green foliage; brushes and roots
All the time the Clouds are blue
And the king of the Forest
Do fall in love with it
When the cloud blushes
It rains softly; mildly
And the little creatures
Which live in the land
Look up to the smiling Forest king
‘Oh, see how handsome his face is’
A little dark Cricket said
‘He is really in love with the Cloud
But we don’t understand
Why she always refuses
To love the Forest king back!’
A group of Pigeons answered
‘I tell you that she is possessed
Who should resist the Forest king?’
The Wolf added, as he looked up
‘The Forest king hadn’t said anything yet
All he does is to stare and smile
How awfully awful!’
Some Pine trees whined
‘If for nothing but admiration
Is the reason to love
I choose not to love’
The philosophical Woodpecker concluded.

This is a part of the first poem written earlier on 5th August. Nice reading to you, and I hope you enjoy it.