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Sunshine on my face

Have you wondered why the Sun shines
Letting its heat come warm us?
Have it not been for this
That we see the lighted day?

Have you been to the Sunflower?
Ask her a question or two
See her dance excitedly
Once you whisper her brides name

Do you think there’s life in the deserts?
A lot of living goes on but we know not
A Cactus forever is grateful to the sand
And to the smiling sun shining up the skies

Have you been to the coconut forested beach
On a lonely warm Sunday?
Do you see how the Tides foams jubilate?
As the little crabs prank around

Can you view the sun from your window?
Stretch your limbs, say a prayer
Unlace the window holds, push the curtains
And let the warmth of life reach you

For D. Sc Nduka Iroegbu, my late dad. It’s been a decade and I still miss you.