Anne Frank

Oke Iroegbu's Diary of Hope & Nostalgia (African Poems, Tales and Proverbs)

See how the blue skies smile
Watch the Sun fall beneath the cliff
Greet Le Chambon when you pass by
Thank all for their humanity, corn and beef

I wonder why the Vegetations are green
And all beautiful beans are green
And should our hearts be black then?
There’s no whit of sense in it

Strange- lest I forget dear memory
Say hello to my friend fighting in the ranks
Thoughts of you hiding, adventures of dirt and granaries
For those who treat you a little lesser than pork

I wonder why the world is so cruel
Why man has become an agent to Death
Why Evil kills many- man, beast, trees and wildlife
Why we hate each other for nothings gain

How long is it, humans to self destruct
In fields of sweet smelling green grasses
Even when the air are free and calm
And let the streams nearby…

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