The Warmth of Life

To my love
My hearts desire

My heart dances when it rains
But the heat, the warmth I miss
The trees wave all about the land
And the white sea water rush-
All foaming towards the earths frontier
How pretty they are,
How perfectly made

The network of blue clouds
Passing in a solitary march
Across the vast horizon
Pulling the winds with them
Hanging a shadow above us
Giving warmth, hope and love

Look at the sun when mild
Stare at the lake, solemn
Walk through the yellow fields of Wheat
On a valley, built by the rocks
Let the young calves nibble hay from your palms
And feel Natures awesomeness

If the Golden sun stays
And all morning we stand
At the windows side
Wishing and praying for it
All believing that the sun rises quick
Bringing all life back to its feet
And the cold melting away from the earth

The warmth of life
Giving to us by God

Oiroegbu Halls



Oh land of the brave
The temperate, the strong
The oneness of Nature
The beauty all desire
Oh dear humble African land
The green forests of Amaeke
With those daring masquerades
Prowling about town
On hot sleepy days
Cloudy days; rain and sun
Hills, ancient and fresh
Streams running thru them
Giving them some life
Shielding the game around
In abundant green and brown
Keeping all life, boas, and hogs
Antelopes and the wild dogs
A valley of vast cassava fields
All are throwing their arms up
Singing at the winds command
And the sights of the oil palm
Standing majestically, a king of the brushes
But all and all, by and by
All understanding of some sort stays
Watch the lights go out
Sit at the inn
On the hills below
Amauzu and her seeds
The joys of sweet motherhood
My father’s perfect grin
Heartwarming, hug deserving
The love of all-natural things
Painted in these towns
The ever blue skies
Seen above Umukwu
My home, my story, my joy
All a simple desire,
Of smiling faces and hearts
Beautiful, the sun smiles on all
The children love the adults,
The adults love the infants,
When the moon shines happily,
All sit about waiting for folktales,
Counting the glittering stars
Up, up the dark skies
Freedom for all, of thought
There are palm trees; there is kola
There are yams, with knives to cut them
There are palm beer and the exotic egusi balls
Ovim sleeps, when the night plays her a lullaby
The aged, youth, and infants
Enjoy an earned rest
Happy to love this land,
In the morrow, a town will be awake

Amauzu, Amaeke, Umudinja, and other towns are towns in Ovim. Ovim itself is a city in Isuikwuato in Nigeria. This is my hometown, my father’s place, and an inspiration to my writing.

Egusi balls: delicious snacks prepared from crushed melon seeds in pepper and other condiments.

Nature’s abundance are found here, hills, blue skies, rocks, caves, mountains, streams, rivers, cultural identity, valleys, unique foods and fruits, farms, other green life, and wildlife. Isuikwuato has produced some prominent political and intellectual figures in Nigeria. Some of these people include Senator Ike Nwachukwu, Gen Ihejirika Onyeabor, Ndubuisi Kanu, Lambert Ndukwe, and many others. The list of high flying Isuikwuato indigenes is much. Agriculture sustains the region, and it is an educational center.


Musing: The Rains Dilemma

Tonight it drizzles outside
Quiet, solemn and calm
And sitting on a bench
Made of thick lumber
Carved of the finest workman
Under the shed of a Mahogany

People rush about, here and there
Papers fly up the sky
And the cloud blackens, the more
A scarecrow for all to see
A bugle for home-retreating
The rain drops its seeds
Falling happily, hopefully
On surprised, anguished faces
Rolling down the glasses
That surrounds the park
The deep cloud belches
The lightning flashed a snap
And a ghost of trees
Stood out there, African masquerades
Waiting to give a blow
On the years Boxing day
Another flash, a Knight
Stood with a rusty sword
Commanding a thousand cavalry
And all this, comes alive
When with Nature one abides

Oiroegbu Halls


The Train

I see you pant
Gasping for air
As you climb the heights
Chuuu, you say, Chuuuuuu!
I wonder how it be
How you muster such courage
Such strength and majesty
The children are happy to see you
When your long snaky body
Pulls through the length of the village
‘ChuuChuuuChuuu!’ they cry
Though scared, they love you
How cunny your face seem
But you are happy traversing
The length of our land, pushing the wind
And strange red faces staring at us
Who are they, by the way?
Guess, all you can say
Is chuuu, chuuuu and chuuuu!


Musing: All Things Beautiful

Queues of tiny cute rabbits
Unperturbed and playing in the corn fields
Eagles watching patiently over them
Neon-lit streetlights in the dark
Scents of the Rose and the Marigold
Calls of the Patridges across the forested waterfalls
Emeralds dressed in flower-smiles
Yesterday was fast snoring, again

Cakes of snow;
Hopes beautiful painted in artful sceneries
Utensils of fine silver hung on the walls
Kettles of the sweetest teas boil
Watered lilies blushing in the wooing Suns face
Ululation of songs sweet as fresh milk
Dreams shining brightly like the Diamond
Iota of Golden blessing on thee
Me says, ‘God bless ya all’


A Run In The Rain

Now the clouds are crying
The lines of silver show off
And the dark skies drain
Not a sight of the moon
Non of the stars either
Just me and Nature
The patterings bash on my head
On this night,
I was naked as I came
The rain drops beat me
In a soothing romance
The colds ate into my flesh
Shivers up in my bones

A home of my raging fury
A home of my boiling poetry

This joy of playing with Nature
The hope of another day
… Of another hope-full day
In the company of Nature herself
Feeling like a fish roaming
Searching the deeps of the Ocean floor
The rains wash me
All thru my body lines

The dreams I always want
The happiness I crave most

The knowledge I seek
Each day, from Nature
A humble character
Under the rain,
Or my whispering Pine
And the crickets on my room
Or yet a green soup


Church Boy

The church clock-bell dings
On light morning sundays
Waking the hamlet, the neighborhood
Solemn, pink and sunny day
A reverenced time, absolute
All roads lead to the Lords House
Pulling strange flowers on the way
As the morning sun wakes from his slumber
The clouds let the airs pull us about
Leading us to the way

Sitting on the first row
Thru white painted sits
Immaculate, graciously adorned
A hearty welcome from all
Humans hospitality, a time for the Lord
Looking up to The Cross
Praying silently, lips muttering
Closer to Heavens precious gates
And the piano chuming tunes
An adoration, heart warming
When the fans blow lazily
And the blessed choir rendition sing out
Oh, HOLY are You Lord!
Blessed are those who come before Thee
Ye, the spirit of the Lord
Teach us the way to life
And let the living say amen


Our African Heritage

The sun has risen with hopes
It throws its light on our faces
On our farms, and our homes
And we see our shadows cast back
Our African heritage comes alive
To do her best for all human kind
For all beautiful infants
For all that gives life
This is our own, our pride
From the Eastern horn
Carving on faces, smiles
Reaching out to hurt souls
This is our dream, our heritage
From the Cape of Good Hope
The rocks and all caves
The streams, rivers and waterfalls
Running over white shiny pebbles
With grace and love
For you all, children of Africa
Here, a citadel, a hope
From histories and endearing cultures
This is our future, our home
The Lions and the Elephants
The millets and the Sorghums
The home of blue clouds
And to all peace seeking men
Oh humble land, our love Africa
The home of Natures best
We are Africa

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The Journey

Dreams grow
Winds blow
There’s a dust on me
Cos I’ve been away
On a journey
To a land far away

A journey
To a land of honey
An epitome of beauty
A home to my raging fury
I’ve been away to
A land of hills
Of great vast lands
A land of brave warriors
I wished I craved
I looked I wondered
I saw it
A piece of paper almost burnt

‘One can not be a gold
Till she’s refined and made bold’

I wrote this poem in 2012, I can’t really recall why but I might have traveled somewhere and so becomes my experience thru my traversing.


Musing: Aye a Pirate

Down by the waterside
I ached for a ride
Then came a tiny canoe sail
Rollin its small tail
Mind you sailor
I-the wielder of the Ockrentor
The ‘craziest’ poet
And can you him beat?
I dream I believe
He sparingly revved
Life has made me a panther
I a lynx do be rather
He smiled showing all broken pieces
This crazy to think you got the bits
I was this and that
I grunted
What are you he asked
Me is not a pirate
I’m a poet
You a mooo…
No hawk, I’m Oiroegbu
Aye you look serious
I’m a man of surprises

Written also in 2012, I sometimes make abstract ‘wack’ poems, if you know what I mean. The poem tries to capture an experience gained from meeting a fisherman.


Maker of Poetry

Now poetry had it all
A way of life, dreams and fancy
When we wake, it sings
At bedtime it comes around
In the fields, in the airs
On the back of the Camels
On automobiles on the streets
It is on the food we eat
Can you hear it pray ‘eat me?’
The fishes knows about it
The ants do too
The Orange color is it
The Sky cut in blue and white bits
A song from the Scottish pipe
A strange lifestyle, though awesome
The Streams running hastily over pebbles
The Ducks sitting quietly over a quiet pond
The dark nights and the fiery growls of Wolves
The green woodlands of the Earth
The blue Whales horn
A crickets screech of cold
A dancing happy child
Oh, even a sad moan
But poetry tells it all
The roar of the Lionesses
Prowling the Veldt
Touregs, culture and humanity
A strong rendition, a choirs
A thought, a drawing, a painted one
The Zulu chant of victory
Over brewed mqobothi
Oh poetry was made for all!
The seeds of the Oil Bean
Dance about during the sky-fall
An Iroko on her prime length
Lets her branches romance the Cloud
The infants clog about the clay soil
The winds that traverses the Earth
The minute lifes in the Forests
The talkative green feathered parrot
Lakes serene tales and songs
Trees, of ancient poets
Waterfalls obscure voices
The Saharas whistling wind
Poetry knows it all
It is in everyone
Instrumentals play in my head
A poem thankful to God
Maker of man, Nature and poetry

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Under the Baobab

Tonight we will sit under the Baobab
To scratch each others back
And we shall let all the children
Gather about us, happily

Tonight the moon shall visit us
With his smiles and dimples
And a tale shall be told
With all sleepy eyes listening

Tonight the squirrels will listen
As we tell of great deeds
Of far away white beached islands
With all shells and corals

Tonight the airs shall be light
It shall sooth off the pains
That came with our days farm work
And all that will be history

Tonight the crickets shall sing
With all the voices they could muster
The fireflies shall wobble about
Lighting our faces now and then

Tonight the night is dark
The arms of loved ones around
Companionship and all we want
So close by to us

Tonight we shall dance
We shall forget the days troubles
We shall laugh as we swerve around
And all will be absolutely well

Tonight I shall be on my paper
I shall let my pen and mind travel
And a smile is so welcomed
From under the arms of the Baobab



Hello pals,

Top of the day to you, I bring you poetic greetings and hearts. I will like to introduce you to another poetic invention: poetale. You might just wonder what it is, it is a fun way of telling stories in poetic styles and stanzas. Most of my poems come in this form. Poetales might lack the basic poetic characteristics but it is written on Run-on-lines. It might become more fun to read since actually it’s a tale. It is necessary to consider it as a poetic style for some reasons which I will publish later and who knows how popular it will become in few years time. You can check out The Legend of Wawadomea and A Tale of The Wildwoods, all published here. They are good examples of Poetales. So hang on, have fun and let’s explore this together. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

Ladies and gents, I give you my Poetales.


The Legend of Wawadomea

Verse 1: Cannibals of the East

Far out the lonely seas of the Indies
Our maiden vessel sailed
Hitting the strongest winds
Surfing the wild oceans
And at all times; bumping into the skies

In this quiet piece of the ocean
A strange sea of some sort
Where there stays a blue sky
An evenings journey with the Cods
A short lived companionship
For there came the black sharks
Gliding majestically; cunningly shy

But this time there was a sigh
A horn; calling from the masts top
“Ahoy, land! Ahoy, land!”
And those excitements that followed
“Aye!” the Lifnante growled thru raised binoculars
“That is some land for sure.”

An hour and some seconds
The Wave was tethered gently
Along those lonely coasts
A great vegetation stood before us
Strangely; the forests seem to have no life
We set about making some fire
For night was on its way
But we dared not stray near the woods…

To be continued…

Oke Iroegbu (c)


Cold Nights

A drop of the rain outside
Another, and then a shower
It is very cold here; lonely
And my thoughts wander about
And I wonder what goes on your beautiful mind
I missed it all
The cold touches my bones
Shivering from all of the touch
Clutching my feathery pillows
It’s a perfect monster weather
And all that is missing is you


So Long A Dreamers Joy

The sun gave its last smile
Then went to sleep for the day
Cool wooing sea breezes wash thru
Sending an emissary notice
To the gleefully shining stars
On a night many wondered about
The moon happy as he seemed
Searched the beautiful glades in haste
Looking for ones love –his love
Once, more crickets quizzed themselves
And from a long distance the wolf called
The whistling pine beckoned to the owl
Whispering musical notes
And then…
They held hands together
And in those eyes joy flowed
Reaching the touch from the skies
It took them from reality
To a world of fireworks
Catapulting to shapes of agape
Dawn was on his way a trifle shy
Pushing to join the union
It is time to part for love
Another night waits patiently
To smile and to see
The happy times of love
Surely such nights are rare…
For Africa I love.

Line 3: Thru… Through
Line 7: The moon is personified
Lines 10-12: Love is portrayed in the poetry

Study Question.
1. Discuss the use of personification in the poem.


A Tale of the Lakes: The Duck

Once upon a quiet lake
Beside a green forest
Lived a Duck and her chicks
All day they waddle through the waters
Enjoying the serenity
A day came and the Duck
Brought her chicks all about her
‘Quack quack Daak’ she began
‘You have been friends
With the Turtle
You know the Lake
More than your siblings
Pray, tell me
How many times would
Something happen to you
And you would learn?’
‘Quack quack momma
I would learn only
When it happens all times!’
The first duck answered
Mother Duck nodded
And turned to the next duck
‘Quack quack Duuk
You are not scared of the weeds
You fought off the Eels
But tell me
How many times
Would something happen
And you learn from it?’
‘Quack quack momma
I can only learn
If it happened to me’
Mother Duck nodded
And turned to the last
‘Quack quack Deek
You are scared of all
Ripples and fishes
You have few friends
I wonder, but let me know
How many times
Would you learn from something?’
‘Quack quack momma
I wont learn from any misdids
I shall learn from others mistakes
I shall watch the Eels movements
And all ripples on the lake
That are not made by my kind
And I shall always be careful’



Farewell to thee city
It is time I move
I long to stay
But something else calls
I wish to play
But if I do, what shall I gain?
The clouds are grey
All is solemn
But despair not
I shall continue to write
To paint colors
To draw smiles on faces
To tell tales of inspiration
To do my best for mankind
To warm the hearts that love
To listen to the trees
To sing with the Wind
And foremost to love
But then forget not
My little efforts with desires
Of being with you
My strong rainy nights
My cricket room mates
The cold in the evenings
My window outpost
My blue eyed Clouds
The birds that twitter
The lullabies of the roof top
And the stories of my loved ones
I shall take a moment
To plead you to stay safe
And soonest, God willing I shall make
The ink and the pen my life

Godspeed to me
God stay with thee

Dear esteemed readers,
I am moving to another town, where I school. I shall try to post poems when I am free. I might be engaged with my academic books and the local radio.


Night rain 2

It’s raining
The clouds are dark
And we are huddled together
Listening to the sounds out there
All is calm, all is good
The cold wind
Which had made the rain
A companion; drives wildly
Not a cricket could be heard
How awful, me thinks
The Whistling Pines wine outside
They never been too cold
Aa the rains tempo increased
The lamp fire swerves around
Like a confused bull in a ring
A shivering leg, a poem sung
Natures ways still strange
A lightning, and the Cloud grumble
Another and a clear picture of a tree stood out
More tappings out there
A yawn from the neighbors
My dancing lamp fire
The cold night drizzling
Singing trees, and the lightning
A happy pen waltzing away
Frankly, all plays my fancy
And soon, I shall lay my body


Another Musing

The air blows out there
And it shoves my friend around
Here, a cricket calls out mildly
Thru its dark hidden caves
And light moths congregate on my lamp dancing excitedly
Forgetting too soon the dangers of the lamps prisoner
There’s no moon tonight
The clouds were usually quiet
Now and again, the Wind bullies all
My neighbor, the green Plantain tree
Stood solitary, waving its leaves
And all the time happy
When the airs caress her
It is not cold as much
But the loneliness is cold

Can you imagine the Earth
With all flowers and trees
And all sweet fruits and nuts
One for you and one for me?


To thee Fairest

To thee fairest of all
I lay confused on this bed
And why this is, I know not
I stare up the ceilings
To find answers to my voidness
And alas; I find none
Maybe, I find many selfish;
Alone in this game of love
But then my senses are undisturbed
Though I think of thee always
A blowing wind on the fields
Reminds me of thee
A singing Nightingale
Tells me all about thee
But then my senses are unperturbed
I let my senses stray
But then they all stray to thee
If it be I have fallen
Let it be I fall for thee fairest


Rain drums

When there’s a dark cloud
Hopes are for rain
The Garden plants dance in excitement
And the little ants enjoy a day off
Cloudy sky to many
Presents a sign of hope
And when it pours,
There’s joy all over the land
The ground would be little good for nothing
If she disallows the rain to fall on her
And I as a toddler decades ago
Remember my rain time plays
And how the rain patters
Beat the roof tops
Creating a natural lullaby
For all life that cares to listen.


A Tale of the Trees

Tonight, it is airy
And I can hear voices
I heard the Pine trees whisper
To all trees, Baobabs, Oaks; and the bald Owl
A tale of the nights
With the Moon on guard
The Wild Plums struggling to stay awake
To hear the tale of the trees
‘Listen brethren, I get a tale’
The chief Pine bride began
‘Once a time ago
We were very good friends
With all humans, black, white
We play together, we eat together
We feed men and they defend us
They protect us and it was brotherly
Then a Star fell from above
And man followed this Star
They totally forgot about us
And then one day
Man returned; with metals
And my fathers fathers father saw them
With such ire destroyed many of our folks’
Believe me, many trees wept
‘What do they gain destroying us?’
An Apple tree asked
‘I love their kids, I let them play about me
And I throw them fruits to eat’
‘Me too,’ ‘Me three!’ Trees yelled
‘Well, seems we are lesser beings
But in me there’s life!’
A tall fat Mahogany said
‘Let’s hope they forgive us
If our appearance on Earth
Causes them some discomfort’
The Pine tree concluded solemnly
And now the little fauns felt pity
The Moon itself stood motionless
And it was really a heart cold night

To all wonderful life giving trees. SAVE THE TREES, SAVE OUR LIVES!

©Oke’ Iroegbu.


Soar with you

If I was an Eagle
I would soar up the blue skies
But I won’t without thee my fairest
When a lion roars
It’s kin gather about it
And when I behold thee my fairest
My heart leaps in joy
My lips dance the dance of the Pigeon
And it all dawns on me
That you; my feathers
Can not be replaced
You whose smiles warm my heart
This is it, we are one body
Come behold the rising sun
Come lest I faint of excitement
You are my divine Dream
And you made me so beautiful

To all lovers reading this



I will write a poem for you tonight
Close your eyes and let your head rest
Lay close to me and listen to my tale
Do you feel the breezes shove our hair?
The Fireplace refuses to loose out on the tale
There’s only one explanation of this
A light rain will help strike a beat for me
Let me pull your hair softly
While you hear my poetic songs
And as the curtains shiver
With the touch of the Airs
And the awesome Crickets
Which hide in all the cracks of the house
A tap-pattering outside the cold night
Some Frog choir behind the fencing
My croaky poetic voice singing away
And the smiling Fireplaces warmth
Let me sing you a lullaby


Poetry in the morning

While we wait for the warmth from the sun
And let our minds roam and run
Now the Winds still blows
Looking for his bride to woo
The clouds are still sleepy
And a Bumblebee buzzed pass, happy
Scents from trees tops
Descend upon the little mushrooms
And all is happy on the sight
There was a storm last night
But we all, man, faun, flora and fairy
Lived to say


A Haiku: Nature’s Drum

The way it rains now
You might think the world is ending
What a sound on the roof,
And this is Natures drum.


A Muse

Paint me in your words
It’s time I lay my bones
But a night is incomplete
Without a pen and poem
Paint me in your minds eyes
Let the wishes of all sweet dreams
Come lay on our bosom
For the Day has gone to sleep
Taking his lights with him
And if I become of any worth to you
Pull my long Elfy ears softly
Let me be in a warm comfort
And when the morning shall come
I shall see you smile
And words will be softer


A Tale of the Wildwoods 2

There’s a land behind those hills
Covered in the forest
A green foliage; brushes and roots
All the time the Clouds are blue
And the king of the Forest
Do fall in love with it
When the cloud blushes
It rains softly; mildly
And the little creatures
Which live in the land
Look up to the smiling Forest king
‘Oh, see how handsome his face is’
A little dark Cricket said
‘He is really in love with the Cloud
But we don’t understand
Why she always refuses
To love the Forest king back!’
A group of Pigeons answered
‘I tell you that she is possessed
Who should resist the Forest king?’
The Wolf added, as he looked up
‘The Forest king hadn’t said anything yet
All he does is to stare and smile
How awfully awful!’
Some Pine trees whined
‘If for nothing but admiration
Is the reason to love
I choose not to love’
The philosophical Woodpecker concluded.

This is a part of the first poem written earlier on 5th August. Nice reading to you, and I hope you enjoy it.

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Sunshine on my face

Have you wondered why the Sun shines
Letting its heat come warm us?
Have it not been for this
That we see the lighted day?

Have you been to the Sunflower?
Ask her a question or two
See her dance excitedly
Once you whisper her brides name

Do you think there’s life in the deserts?
A lot of living goes on but we know not
A Cactus forever is grateful to the sand
And to the smiling sun shining up the skies

Have you been to the coconut forested beach
On a lonely warm Sunday?
Do you see how the Tides foams jubilate?
As the little crabs prank around

Can you view the sun from your window?
Stretch your limbs, say a prayer
Unlace the window holds, push the curtains
And let the warmth of life reach you

For D. Sc Nduka Iroegbu, my late dad. It’s been a decade and I still miss you.


Anne Frank

Oke Iroegbu's Diary of Hope & Nostalgia (African Poems, Tales and Proverbs)

See how the blue skies smile
Watch the Sun fall beneath the cliff
Greet Le Chambon when you pass by
Thank all for their humanity, corn and beef

I wonder why the Vegetations are green
And all beautiful beans are green
And should our hearts be black then?
There’s no whit of sense in it

Strange- lest I forget dear memory
Say hello to my friend fighting in the ranks
Thoughts of you hiding, adventures of dirt and granaries
For those who treat you a little lesser than pork

I wonder why the world is so cruel
Why man has become an agent to Death
Why Evil kills many- man, beast, trees and wildlife
Why we hate each other for nothings gain

How long is it, humans to self destruct
In fields of sweet smelling green grasses
Even when the air are free and calm
And let the streams nearby…

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