A Call At The Future

The wind is surging by
Over the treetops on a hill
A call…
The whisper in ones dream
After a daring days work
Dreams grow like pumpkins
Sprouting and clutching
…as it goes
A firm step for another
…and another
Then a brave walk
Tension minimal
It’s now… the future
The call at the future
Let the spirit of Enterprise grow
If thee a poet, then Divine you are
This is a call
To focus
To faith
To enterprise
To destiny
Arise comrades
It is time

Line 7: Hören… German for Hear.

I have done a lot of short poems and I wish to dedicate this to all poets and all those who love poetry. Nothing special is attached. to the piece, it’s just another poem.


By the Lakeside

Laying by the lakeside
On a mild and quiet evening
With the Tulips and Pansies waving
In sweet union with the Airs
And the kisses she gives the wetlands
A sudden drop on the waters
From the flowers that stood above the lake
And the enchanting forested woodland,
And the sweet smelling Rose bushes
A deer stands afar staring
Sniffing and nodding at the lake
The birds twitter calmly
Up on the high Fig forests

An evening ride across the quiet lake
On a blue painted boat
Watching a tiny fish glide
And the crabs move along lazily
With a grey turtle swimming majestically
And the Partridge calling out to its clan
Overlooking a blue sky, a cloud of silver
On a very solemn airy evening


Blood and Flags

These words that fall from me
My knees are bent in prayers
Tearful, shaking lips and nostrils
Caution has let hope breed in me
Though these days turn sour
In lands where we once played
But; is hope gone for real?
Media, machines and man
Inseparable pairs of destruction
Seems they kill more
When machines are close by
And when medias tell it wrongly
And when man hates his fellow

How do I tell the stories of thee
In the lands where I once loved?
The future is blasted with hate
A grip on the neck of an innocent infant
On a day it lost its way
Into the tracks of the man-machine
Even the deserts are not so dry now
Blood has smeared itself on the sands
And the light rains has cemented it
The clouds are grey with gloom
And all seems normal the next day
Many remain clutching a dying hand
Many stand waving a lifeless flag.

Oh if I could pull man away
From the grasps of the media
And the intoxicating machines

This poem is written for babies and all children caught in the cross fires of wars they knew nothing about. #Somalia, Pakistan, Gaza, Syria, Iraq.


My Sun

Let’s pull the curtains to a side
And see the rays of the Golden Sun
Sieve in to greet from the wild
A strong flight in a run

Let me braid your hair
As we watch the surging clouds
I will hold your hands my dear
And we shall stay were blue skies abound

Let’s run in the yellow fields
Bring our little ones, dogs and rabbits
Let’s pluck the happy Golden wheats
As we glide thru the winds

Let’s talk about the nights
Stories of strange sea creatures
Hercules and his might
An Arabian nights of Genees

To the coming evening, gather the puppies
Together, we all huddle at the fireplace
Watching the birds return to their nests
And a farewell smile from the sun of the East


A Night with a Cricket

I laid my bones to rest
A quiet night, dark and solemn
A wild thought swept thru me
But I was to be awake
Cos I heard it
I heard the screech
A cold one, not far from me
I listened
Nothing else
A neighbors cough at the next flat bothered it
It stayed for a while…

Another screech
I lay quietly to hear it

‘Ihttttcchh, what a panful world
A disturbed place, a shattered life
They are taking all, yeah they are
No more trees, no more shrubs
No more little inhabitants of those vegetations
Just dark places
Hotter days and nights
And they all sit
Clapping for themselves!’

I could feel the pain
I could touch it
Living in a treeless society
Got me shrugging
But then, dear me
Forget not our dear dying Earth.

Dedicated to those who genuinely fight to keep the Earth from dying and to all trees and shrubs in the forests, everywhere, anywhere.

Oiroegbu Halls


Beautiful Dreams

Night has finally come
Time to count the stars
To smile on our spare shoulders
This airy night
A bed dressed of roses
A spark off the black skies
A feeling breezed down from above
Tonight is really rossy
A cold one
A blessed one
A good nights dream

Study Questions.
1. Explain the last 3 lines
2. What figure of speech is prominent here?

Oiroegbu Halls


A Tale of the Wild Seas 1: Greece

Twenty and some months I laid on this white
Sands of timeless times; a work of the tireless Tide
A replica of the burnt downtrodden
Arena of the Gladiators stand
The home of a thousand sea creatures
A scenario of reverend sweet breezes
And calmly folded waters rolling in unison
A stubborn mud stuck to the white stones
The loud melody of the surfing wind in baritones
Greece of our forefathers!
The flying cranes up the blue sky
A rising Sun at the corner of the Horizon
A temperate morning, a feast of fruits near the farms
A mild steaming heat from the noon Sun
Welcoming theatres, the springs of life
A place of crabs, lobsters and strange sea creatures…

To be continued.

Greece is an European nation which has a lot of seas and beaches! It is a beautiful land full of tourist attractions. Some of these attractions are recorded to have existed since ancient times.

Oiroegbu Halls


Snowy Xmas

The snow falls silently
Another leaf falls
All is white
And all is white!
The icy wind blows lazily
Squirrels huddle together
Outside it’s all cold
And it’s very cold!
And then…
The jingle
We lived with
It’s gift-ful Santa
So take a wish
And watch him give a nod.



Wed, 2 May, 2012

Destiny is a flower
A hope unseen
Weldin’ up in strength
Nev’r to return to its bud.
It’s a snail train
Pilotin’ thru a rocky terrain
On a journ’y of faith
A journ’y of the unknown.
It’s our tomorrow
An expected smile
Of persevered tears
And a prayerful hug


Was I Part of This?

A dark night had come
Cold dry winds; brave, calm
Hard thought of the day
As I lay my sense to stray
My soul has sought far and wild
Soft words broken and soothing
Bold with strong- steeled grasp
When deep down, ladened joy abide
And to me a Dream lay in secret
Two heavy eyed crickets creep out
Sold out their hearts to the moon
Which stood waiting for the bout
The tiny ants first marched in, proud
The Horned Owl safe in his crag
Making sure his teary eyes close not
The vampire bats soar meekly
Up the darkness in expectation
All cared for nothing
There was a celebration down there
Down the little Faun land
A feast of the Forest mats
Something real and daringly ecstatic.

Nature Uncategorized

A night rain

Oh it rains again
The clouds stomach rumbles
This quiet evening of soft breezes
Strong bashing up the pan
At least the pan has found a companion tonight
And up these village hills
I can hear the swooshing trees
Pray for some mercy
When will the pan drummers ever stop?
And the happy frog choir?
Will the lightning come too?
Hope you; the rain falls even more
Till this weak brown eyes close finally

The night rains are soothing and the poet seems to be describing the music that comes as a lullaby from the hits of the rain drops on the pan.


Let Them Hear

Let them hear…
From the hills of Isuikwuato
My sleepy hilly land
From my new’est bride Uyo
To the ancient muds of Enugu
From Makurdi’s Benue river beach
To those peaked crags of Jos
Let them hear…
As I dream of the undying
Lights of the Lagoon city
The snake lanes of Abuja
Cockcroachin’ thru undergrounds
From the deserts of Damaturu
And the grasslands of Jalingo
Let them hear…
That I am a citizen of Owerri town
That my Calabar is very pretty
That Ibadan I adore so much
That Minna is a scenic beauty
That Kano makes much of the Suya I love so much
That Port Harcourt is really a city of liberty

Let them hear…
That I love you my Nigeria

Learn Igbo language here.

Line 2. Isuikwuato: A local government area in the present state of Abia. A land of hills and streams and great men known over the whole of Igbo land. The home of the poet.

Uyo. The capital of present Akwa Ibom state known for their hospitality.

Enugu. The capital of the old Eastern Nigeria and the present capital of Enugu state.

Line 6. Makurdi: The capital of Benue state of Nigeria. A farming region renowned as the food basket of the nation. The city is perched on the banks of the Benue river.

Jos: A quiet clean and hilly city. The capital of present day Plateau state.

Line 10. Lagoon city; Lagos
Abuja. The capital city of Nigeria

Line 13. Damaturu and Jalingo: Cities of the North east of Nigeria.

Line 16. Owerri, Calabar and Ibadan cities of the south

Minna and Kano: Cities of importance in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Port Harcourt: A city nested on the coast of the Atlantic. Its importance is linked to the production of crude oil

Suya. Skewered meat meshed in onions pepper and oil.

Study Question.
1. What unique features do the poem possess?

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A lonely Dream

There’s a star
Lookin’ lonely and hapless
It looked even more prettier alone
I saw it from the bed
When I pushed the curtain to a side
Tis cold and moonless night
It was shiverin’
Or maybe I thought it was
Just under my bed
I heard a cricket shriek
Maybe he was mad at somethin’
I never cared to bother a cricket
I felt a streak of cold touch
Then another merciless shriek
We were all lonely
And it was madly cold out there
I, the cricket and this star

Study Questions.
1, What do you think is the theme?

2. Give instances of the use of Metaphor

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The Legend of Wawadomea: Cannibals of the East

Far out the lonely seas of the Indies
Our maiden vessel sailed
Hitting the strongest winds
Surfing the wild oceans
And at all times; bumping into the skies

In this quiet piece of the ocean
A strange sea of some sort
Where there stays a blue sky
An evenings journey with the Cods
A short lived companionship
For there came the black sharks
Gliding majestically; cunningly shy

But this time there was a sigh
A horn; calling from the masts top
“Ahoy, land! Ahoy, land!”
And those excitements that followed
“Aye!” the Lifnante growled thru raised binoculars
“That is some land for sure.”

An hour and some seconds
The Wave was tethered gently
Along those lonely coasts
A great vegetation stood before us
Strangely; the forests seem to have no life
We set about making some fire
For night was on its way
But we dared not stray near the woods…

To be continued…

Oke Iroegbu (c)


Childhood Harmattan

I wonder why I miss the harmattan
Why it is yet to come
Why it stays in his cloak
Shy and letting the rain bully him

I miss the smell of dust cakes
And our delay in burning the grasses
So I can see the fumes dance to meet the sky
And why we ‘stay’ to harvest the Cassava
And their stems piled in a corner
I miss the catfish infested streams of Ovim
The wake-up call of my rooster
And my joy in feeding them from my fingers

I miss when I feel I was hardworking
When a straying farm snake I slayed
And the thoughts that I had after that

I miss those scary little vampires
Strange mosquitoes that eat on daylights
That stays when the sun lights the earth
But are happy once the sunsets.

I miss watching those kids kick leather
in dry, dusty noon of Xmas
Laughing as they played
And I thought I was from the past…

I vividly recall the feelings of Christmas. The preparation, the stress and the excitement that accompanied the Yuletide.

Study Question.
What are the primary figures of speech rampant here?


Breaking the Kola

God our tryst maker
Our lover and He who knows all
Chineke m, ke bi nigwe!
Maker of the Universe
He whom fetches water with a basket
To disgrace the bucket
He who whips us with one hand
And consoles us with the other
He who stills a raging sea
He who made the Kola nut
The King of all foods!
We break the Kola nut
The food that never fills the stomach
But is the King of all foods!
We have the Cassava and the Yam
But the Kola is the King of all foods!
Unlike the Yam, it is not eaten with Palm oil
It is not pounded nor stewed
It is not meshed in meat or fish
It stands alone
It is not food for children
But food for men!
Our farms shall be fruitful
Our children more fruitful
Our streams shall have fish
And our forests shall have vegetables
Make us contented with what we have
The clouds will let the rains water our garden
And we shall eat of our sweat

   Learn the Igbo language here

You have given us the yam
You have also given us the knife to cut it
Let the Eagle perch
Let also the Kite perch
Any that forbids the other from perching
Let his wings break
Let not our enemies hostile light burn us
We shall have our children as the Hebrew women
Our children shall have their own
And our children’s children
We break the Kola!

Want a blog like this one? Then click this link.

I am sharing a bit of my African culture. The Igbo is a South Eastern Nigerian tribe. As a growing kid some decades ago, I have witnessed Igbo Kola breaking traditions. It’s usually used to welcome visitors, especially at festivities.

Chineke m, ke bi nigwe: Igbo for My God who lives in Heaven.

Study Questions.
1. What are the figures of speech present in the poem?
2. Discuss the imagery.

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A Haiku of Love

When there was love
I saw the clouds
Clear as the sweet spring
Leaping in joyful haste


Anne Frank

See how the blue skies smile
Watch the sun fall beneath the cliff
Greet Le Chambon when you pass by
Thank all for their humanity, corn and beef

I wonder why the Vegetations are green
And all beautiful beans are green
And should our hearts be black then?
There’s no whit of sense in it

Strange- lest I forget dear memory
Say hello to my friend fighting in the ranks
Thoughts of you hiding, adventures of dirt and granaries
For those who treat you a little lesser than pork

I wonder why the world is so cruel
Why man has become an agent to Death
Why Evil kills many- man, beast, trees and wildlife
Why we hate each other for nothings gain

How long is it, humans to self destruct
In fields of sweet-smelling green grasses
Even when the air is free and calm
And let the streams nearby wash our blood and greases?

I wonder why Anne Frank loved it though she was hated
Why beautiful lives are traded for nothing
Why there are many guns in peoples hands and hearts
And I hope that one day, I will find Love.